08 1 / 2012

Putting the ‘fun’ in FUNdue (sorry).

Time Out - Androuet Raclette and Fondue Restaurant - January 6th 2012 - cost £45 (value £90) - three-course meal for two - Androuet Old Spitalfields Market http://www.androuet.co.uk/restaurant/
Score 5/5
First of all let me say happy birthday to my love, and second of all ‘woweeee’. I took Kieran here for his birthday, the plan was to take him to a French restaurant and present him with a Eurostar ticket to Gay Paris (it’s funnier if you say Paris in an English accent) for his birthday, then this deal came up and I thought ‘it’s fate’ and it really was. 

This daily deal review is for French restaurant Androuet. Androuet is something of a hidden gem, when you arrive it looks like a sort of cheese shop come cafe, we booked early (I get cranky if I don’t eat before 7pm) and so we were seated at a posing table in a tiny bar with about 3 other couples squeezed in. When I booked I was asked if I wanted an outside table, to which I declined considering it was the middle of winter but it was all set up with patio heaters and I guess really it was inside the market but I know for next time - there will be a next time. They also set up tables in the cheese shop at around 8pm and they were fully booked all night, turning away people that hadn’t booked.

OK so you probably want me to get on with it now but there is so much positive stuff to say. The staff were friendly and attentive, bringing the menu straight away and offering us our first of 2 free glasses of wine each. The menu was the only slight disappointment, the deal said we could choose from the a la carte menu but we were only given the choice of a set Christmas menu (Christmas being 2 weeks prior to the meal). Never mind, we were happy with the selection although it was very cheese based and the bloke doesn’t really like cheese so he didn’t get much choice, the a la carte has a lot more choice for pesky non-cheese lovers (I like to call these people weirdos).

Right, I’ll get to the point of it now, the meal was amazing, one of the best I have had since living in London, we shared our starters of foie gras and French onion soup. I hadn’t had foie gras before, the reason being is that I have had it drummed in to me that the geese are mistreated, I know this is proven and this is why I feel terrible about what I am about to say, it was amazing. It was the right side of creamy and buttery but still meaty, forget about pates this is all I want at Christmas now. The soup was good but I wasn’t keen on sharing the starters any more after that.

For mains I had the Androuet fondue with charcuterie, bread and crudité, Kieran had Toulouse sausages & aligot, that’s posh sausage and cheesy mash to us. Both were tasty and I have a particular fondness for fondue ever since our last trip to Paris so this seemed quite a poignant meal. We finished off with a cheese platter and Kierans favourite, crème brulée. As I mentioned before, the set menu was very cheesy so the cheese platter proved too much for me but the brulée was delicious.

All in all it was a perfect evening and a bargain, I would definitely pay full price to eat there again. The staff were a breath of fresh air and worthy of a large tip. The best daily deal I have experienced yet! Oh and in case you were wondering, Paris was amazing and yes we did go back to our favourite fondue restaurant.