06 12 / 2011

Like a well stocked virgin.

LivingSocial - Virgin Wines - cost £49 (value £140) - 12 bottle case of wine - Virgin Wines www.virginwines.co.uk

Score - 4/5 

IT’S CHRISTMAAAASSSSSS!!! Well it was. And what a good Christmas. Especially when I saw this deal. I’m no wine buff but I know I like wine, I know my family and friends like wine and I know I’m going to forget peoples presents. If you know me and you got a bottle of wine from me then this is where it came from. This is a simple blog post, it came, we saw and we drank. There were 2 lovely bottles of bubbly that were drank on Christmas day and it came with 2 free crystal champagne flutes. The only downside is that there was one bottle too many of chardonnay, and by that I mean that one bottle is too many, it came with 2 and there were only 4 bottles of white. The case is still going, I didn’t get rid of all of them before the January detox but it’s my birthday in February so I’m sure I’ll make good use of them then.

The process on Virgins website was smooth and easy and they delivered the next day to the shop I live above, without any fuss. The only reason I gave this deal a 3 and not a 4 is because there is no way I would pay £140 for 12 bottles of wine, regardless of if there are 2 free flutes with it, I’ve got 2 already from the deal. My maths deduce that means each bottle would be more than £10 and they sell 3 bottles for £12 at Iceland. This deal was obviously meant for classier people.